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10 Essential Books on Female Saints For Inspiration

This is a list of the top books on female saints. The goal here is to shine a light on the great Catholic women the Church has had in her history, and inspire the next generation of Saints. Hopefully one book on this list will serve as a good book for your Catholic women’s book club ,a gift for a Catholic female friend, or a gift for your mother, wife, sister, or daughter.

18 Bestselling Authors that Don’t Use Profanity

We compiled a list of obscenity free, sex free, and (mostly) uplifting authors that don't use profanity. The genres on this list ranges from thriller to mystery to action and adventure. For each author, I have also listed their top selling novels. I hope this list can provide a good recommendation for your next clean read.

The 4 Best Spanish Flu Books And Top 4 Reads on other Pandemics

As COVID 19 dances across global headlines, and news channels, the Spanish Flu is often mentioned as a comparison. Most people had not personally experienced an epidemic or pandemic until COVID 19. If you are interested in the history of Pandemics (and more specifically, the Spanish Flu) then this article is for you. From 1918-1920, the Spanish Flu infected one in three people on earth, and killed between 50-100 million people, or between 2.5 and 5 percent of the global population. It’s devastating death toll was a result of many societal conditions, including a lack of a safety net for this sort of disaster.