Back to the beginning : 9 Inspiring Catholic Early Church Fathers Writings and 5 Spectacular Commentaries

If you read about what the early Church was like from the years 50-500AD, you will see a lot of resemblances with the modern day Catholic Church. Thanks to a group of zealous, faithful men called the ‘Church Fathers,’ we have thousands of pages of writings to give us a portal into the early Church. These men were bishops, disciples, and martyrs – all striving to preserve the Church of Christ and battle against heresies. As a Catholic early Church Fathers writings are a key to understanding our faith.

13 of The Best Catholic Audiobooks You Can Listen to Today

This list contains what we think are the best Catholic audiobooks available to be listened to today on Audible. We have divided them into two categories, nonfiction and fiction, so you can look at what interests you the most. While the Nonfiction books focus are considered ‘spiritual reading’ the fiction books don’t all fall into that category. However, they do have strong Christian themes at the minimum.