12 Awesomely Unique Groomsmen Gifts for 2021 that are Hand Made

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We’re sorry you had to plan your wedding around COVID. That sucks. Whether you are planning far in advance, or getting together a last minute gift for your groomsmen, we have you covered. Finding a gift for your groomsmen is not as easy as it sounds. You want to get them something meaningful, but also useful and unique. We pooled together our best groomsmen gift ideas that are ready to go on Amazon Prime and are hand-made. Some of these groomsmen gifts are customizable, while others are so well designed, that they need no engraving. Hope you enjoy these awesome, unique, hand-made groomsmen gifts that support U.S. local businesses.

Our List of Unique, Hand-Made Groomsmen Gifts

1. BenShot Whiskey Glass with Real .308 Bullet

We are starting off with the BenShot whiskey glass because of how unique and cool it is. Your groomsmen will be sipping their whiskey in style. The glass is thick and heavy (but not ridiculously so) and the bullet in it is 100% real. These are made in the U.S.A. Also, the bullet gets very cold if you are drinking something on the rocks.

2. BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

Let’s keep the embedded objects theme going! If your groomsmen are golfers, this is the gift for them! The glass is shaped around the golf ball, but the golf ball is secured into the glass with a clear glue. It features a real Titleist ball. This is a great beer glass for any golfers. Give this out at the bachelor party, or before the wedding.

3. Bourbon Lip Balm

Now here’s something that other grooms are not thinking about – bourbon lip balm. Yes, I said bourbon lip balm. Before you write this one off, hear me out. Every man uses lip balm on those cold, windy days or when traveling and dehydrated. Why not, experience the lip balm with a smooth bourbon smell? It’s not overpowering, and it can be an awesome treat as part of a larger groomsmen gift box.

4. Custom Stamped Leather Wallet

Now, if you really want to treat your groomsmen, you can spoil them with a custom stamped leather wallet. This gift idea is a little more pricey, since it is genuine leather and high quality. Nonetheless, it makes a great gift. If not for all groomsmen, consider it for your best man.

5. Personalized Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool

Are the golfers still there? Check these out. This Amazon seller makes metal and wood laser etched divot tools. They are great quality, look great, and the magnet on the ball marker is strong. I highly recommend this to anyone who has groomsmen that golf. Solid gift.

6. Custom Docking Station

Do you need a gift idea for your more techie groomsmen? This personalized docking station comes with a place for your phone, wallet, watch, and keys. It’s a neat desk organizer made by a small merchant on amazon. Engrave your groomsmen’s names for personalization.

7. Personalized Leather Pocket Book

This is a more classy groomsmen gift idea – a leather pocket book. Now, it is old fashioned, but classic and tasteful. This stamped leather book is about the size of a 3×5 index card, which makes it perfect for jotting down notes. It’s crafted well. A great groomsmen gift for the thoughtful fellows.

8. Beard Kit

Do you surround yourself with barbarians? Just go all out with something that they’ll love – a beard kit. You can all try it out on the day of the wedding by rocking matching manicured beards. this kit contains a follicle nourishing beard oil, a beard thickening beard balm, a hot processed beard soap, and a moustache wax. The whole things come in an awesome stamped gift box.

9. Cuff Links

Another classy gift idea – especially if your groomsmen are dressing up for your wedding. Tell them to wear french cuff shirts and get them cuff links. They can wear them on your wedding day, and keep them for future formal events. This groomsmen gift is sophisticated and adds a nice touch to a man’s repertoire. They have extremely good craftsmanship. Consider putting the groomsmen’s last initial on the links.

10. Bottle Opener Sunglasses

These sunglasses are becoming all the rage and selling like hotcakes. Give your groomsmen some swag shades that also double as bottle openers. This can definitely be used on a hot summer day at the bachelor party as well. Or have them all walk into the wedding reception in these bad boys.

11. Engraved Flasks

This list would not be complete without some customized flasks. Let me tell you these look sharp, and stow away easily into a jacket pocket. The line work on the engraving is beautiful. Customize a flask for each of the boys and order the set on prime.

12. Engraved Pocket Knife

Our last item is for your more outdoorsy- types. It’s always good to have a knife around – in the car or the house. These are laser etched on the blade and very well made. Your groomsmen will love the craftsmanship and have something to remember your wedding by as long as they whittle. Also, the knife makes a very satisfying click when opened and closed

We hope you found something useful in our definitive list of 2021’s best groomsmen gift ideas. Buy hand-made, enjoy the quality, and support local businesses!


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