All the Fantastic Books Mentioned on Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcast in 2019

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Books mentioned on Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcast

#385 Psychotropics V. Sacraments

April 2019

The Right Side of History
by Ben Shapiro

#383 The Poorest of the Poor

March 2019

Come Be My Light
by Mother Theresa

A Chain of Love
by Kathryn Spink

#381 Don Gius and the Neuroscience of Community

March 2019

The Life of Luigi Giussani
By Alberto Savorana

by Aristotle

#380 #StayDangerous

March 2019

The Art of Living
by Dietrich von Hildebrand

#379 Laurus : a book of Journeys

February 2019

The Imitation of Christ
by Thomas Kempis

#378 Sleep Little Chicken

February 2019

#376 Parochial Solipsism

February 2019

The Church of God
by Louis Bouyer

#374 Community Via Brokenness

January 2019

#372 Penthos

January 2019

Penthos : The Doctrine of Compunction
by Irenee Hausherr

Summa Theologica
by Thomas Aquinas

Praktikos on Prayer
Evagrius Ponticus

The Nine Ways of Prayer
by St. Dominic

#371 Holy Family hints

January 2019

If Aristotle’s Kid Had an Ipod
by Conor Gallagher


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