9 Hilarious Handmade Schitt’s Creek Gifts on Amazon

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Schitt’s Creek has taken Netflix by storm, and with it comes a crowd of fans as fanatical as fans of The Office and Parks and Rec. We put together a list of fun Schitt’s Creek gifts for the hardcore (or casual) fans. And the great thing about these Schitt’s Creek gift ideas is that they are hand made by small merchants and then sold on Amazon!

Schitt’s Creek Gifts : Cards

1. David Rose You’re Simply the Best Valentines Day Card

The David Rose card is a must buy for any Schitt’s Creek fan. It is made of nice quality cardstock paper. The card is heavy-duty and has a nice red detail on the inside. The envelope is deep red and glittered. It is a great pick for a girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other

2. Oh Schitt, It’s your Birthday! Card

If you have a fan of Schitt’s in your life then this might be the perfect birthday card. It features the whole Rose family posing to celebrate your friend!

3. Moira Rose “Never Let the Bastards Get you Down” Card

Our last card on the list is a motivational card with a message from Moira. This could work as a get well soon card, a graduation card, or a birthday. We hope you liked these Schitt’s Creek themed cards.

Schitt’s Creek Gift Ideas : Handmade Household Products

4. David Rose Scented Candle

The David Rose scented candle hearkens to Rose Apothecary. The scent is light and refreshing. All in all, it smells amazing. Kudos to whoever created this one.

5. “Fold in the Cheese” Kitchen Towel

This Schitt’s Creek kitchen towel is one of our favorites, as it calls back to one of the funniest scenes in the show, when none of the Rose family members know what it means to “fold in the cheese” for a recipe.

6. David Rose, “Ew COVID” Mask

The COVID mask is relevant and funny. It comes with replaceable filters as well. Although it has David’s face on it, we will all read, “Ew COVID,” in Alexis’ voice.

Schitt’s Creek Themed Gifts : Mugs and Glasses

7. “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards” David and Stevie Wine Glass

The first on our list of drinking devices. Is a Stevie-David wine glass. You can wish your friends best wishes and warmest regards as you share a glass with them.

8. “Ew, David” Mug

Here’s another Schitt’s Creek gift for all you mug lovers. As you take a sip of coffee, you can hear Alexis up-talking to her brother.

9. Schitt’s Creek Welcome Billboard Mug

The Last Schitt’s Creek Themed Gift on the List is a Mug with Roland’s ancestors on the infamous welcome billboard. The mug is complete with the disclaimer, “Don’t Worry, it’s his sister!”

We hope you enjoyed these hand made top-selling Schitt’s Creek gifts from Amazon!


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