14 Inspiring Books for African American Tweens That will Enrich your Child’s Education

An education can change a child’s whole world. Instilling a love of reading in your child is one of the greatest things you can do for his or her education. Many parents work hard to encourage a love of reading in their children, but they need to find the right books. It just seems that there are wildly too few books for little Black boys and girls. During the middle school / tween years, your child is in a critical period of formation, where they can really learn to love reading. It is even more difficult to find books in the age range 9-12 for African American kids. They are craving books with a sense of adventure and with an inherent recognition of the beauty and joy of being who they are. We have compiled this list of 14 books for African American Tweens that we think are a great mix of happy-go-lucky fun and more thought-provoking stories.

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