27 Books Mentioned in Don Quixote

You may have just read Don Quixote (or some shortened translation of it) and wondered, what were all those books mentioned in the story? At the time that Miguel de Cervantes wrote Don Quixote, the popular literary genre was romance, with fantastic narratives that were filled with marvel. Don Quixote introduced the contrast between romance and reality in a creative way that displayed Cervantes’ literary genius and humor. These are the books mentioned in Don Quixote.

7 Classic English Authors That Don’t Use Profanity (and Their Superb Reads)

Many people are looking for adult books that provide an excellent story without the profanity. Some authors that provide this content are hard to find. That’s why we compiled this list of Classic English authors that don’t use profanity.

These authors produced not only classic works of art, with beautiful literature, but also uplifting stories of heroic journeys, pure romances, and moral tales. So here is our list of clean English fiction authors and some of their best works.