All of the Awesome Books Mentioned on Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcast

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Books mentioned on Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcast

#385 Psychotropics V. Sacraments

April 2019

The Right Side of History
by Ben Shapiro

#383 The Poorest of the Poor

March 2019

Come Be My Light
by Mother Theresa

A Chain of Love
by Kathryn Spink

#381 Don Gius and the Neuroscience of Community

March 2019

The Life of Luigi Giussani
By Alberto Savorana

by Aristotle

#380 #StayDangerous

March 2019

The Art of Living
by Dietrich von Hildebrand

#379 Laurus : a book of Journeys

February 2019

The Imitation of Christ
by Thomas Kempis

#378 Sleep Little Chicken

February 2019

#376 Parochial Solipsism

February 2019

The Church of God
by Louis Bouyer

#374 Community Via Brokenness

January 2019

#372 Penthos

January 2019

Penthos : The Doctrine of Compunction
by Irenee Hausherr

Summa Theologica
by Thomas Aquinas

Praktikos on Prayer
Evagrius Ponticus

The Nine Ways of Prayer
by St. Dominic

The Ladder of Divine Ascent
by John Climacus

#371 Holy Family hints

January 2019

If Aristotle’s Kid Had an Ipod
by Conor Gallagher


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