All of the Awesome Books Mentioned on Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcast

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Books mentioned on Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcast

#440 The Dwarf and The Tragedian

May 2020

The Great Divorce
by C.S. Lewis

The Divine Comedy
by Dante Alighier

The New Life
by Dante Alighieri

No Exit
by John Paul Sarte

#439 Promises of God

April 2020

Strangers to The City
by Michael Casey

#438 I Do, With The Help of God

April 2020

Salvifici Dolores
by Pope St. John Paul II

Laudato Si
by Pope Francis

#437 Baal and Asherah

April 2020

The Language Instinct
by Steven Pinker

The Everlasting Man
by G.K. Chesterton

#436 The Sacrifice of the Mass

April 2020

The Seven Last Words
by Archbishop Fulton Sheen

#432 Surnaturel

March 2020

The Mystery of The Supernatural
by Henri de Lubac

#431 Spirit of the World

March 2020

#430 Goebel, 4% Neanderthal
February 2020

Humani Generis
by Pope Pius XII

Lost in the Cosmos
by Walker Percy

The Evidential Power of Beauty
by Thomas Dubay

In the Beginning
by Pope Benedict XVI

Thomistic Evolution
By Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco

#429 Blessed Composure Disclosure

February 2020

Meditation and Contemplation
by Fr. Timothy Gallagher

#427 Only the Lover Sings

February 2020

Only The Lover Sings
by Josef Pieper

The Embers and the Stars
by Erazim Kohak


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